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Thanks for the excellent advice when I rang the other day. My new mirror does the job perfectly. (S. Halliday)

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Convex-Mirrors Ltd are the UK's only ONE STOP SHOP for every type of convex-mirror application. We supply the best mirrors for household applications, traffic mirrors for roadside use as well as specialist mirrors for industry, warehouse, schools, hospitals, the police prison service, and the NHS. Whatever your convex mirror needs we will be able to help. With 25 years experience of selling mirror products we can provide the best most cost efficient solution possible.

FREE Delivery on All Orders

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We know buying a convex mirror can be confusing. If you are unsure about which mirror is suitable for your needs please call us on (01225) 851 611 or e-mail

We no longer retail Chinese made mirrors, we now only sell the finest quality European and New Zealand manufactured mirrors.

Your safety is our primary concern and we hope to lead the way in providing only the very best quality products which we know will over time prove the most cost effective solutions to your convex mirror needs. Our mirrors are backed by a no quibble guarantee. We are the first stop for commercial and private customers who demand quality and safety.

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A test showing the difference in quality between our mirrors and inferior cheaper alternatives sold by many competitors.

Six reasons to buy from us:

We DO NOT supply cheap inferior products - all our mirrors are carefully sourced from trusted suppliers.

We have a range to suit all budgets:

We supply to the public, MOD, schools, hospitals, police, local authorities and Transport for London.


Call us on (01225) 851 611 and one of our experts will be glad to answer any questions and help guide you to the right mirror at the right price for your needs. Also see our guide to Choosing the right mirror.

On-site services:

We are able to offer on-site services to commercial customers, including the production of a recommended installation report and a full installation service. Please see our On-site services page for details.

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