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I received the mirrors yesterday and my husband was very happy with the quality of the product. He had previously been quoted £200 for mirrors to do the same job. The delivery and communication elements of your service have been excellent and thought you could use my e-mail as a testimonial for other potential customers. I would recommend you gladly to anyone looking for great service and quality. (V. Gunathasan, Startford)

Choosing the right mirror

We know from years of experience that buying a convex mirror can be confusing, and expensive if you get it wrong.

Our unique guide to buying the right convex mirror will help you through the process...

Outdoor, Indoor, Traffic, or Industrial?

Look through the mirrors on the BUY MIRRORS NOW page to identify which type you think you will need. Each individual mirror has its full specification available when you click on it.

...Or jump straight to the relevent section:

Size of mirror required?

All of our convex mirrors view to infinity so they have essentially the same view whatever size they are.

Viewing distance is the key to choosing the correct size of mirror. It is the maximum distance that you can be from the mirror and still comfortably view the image.

For example a 30cm mirror has a viewing distance of 3m (9-10 feet) so would be no good if you were mounting it 4 metres away from the person viewing it.

Max viewing distances are roughly as follows:

30cm mirror = 3m viewing distance
45cm mirror = 5m viewing distance
60cm mirror = 11m viewing distance
80cm mirror = 20m viewing distance

Pole or Wall mounted?

All indoor mirrors come with wall mounting brackets as standard unless otherwise stated.

All exterior mirrors come with pole mounting brackets unless otherwise stated.

Standard 45cm + 60cm mirrors have brackets for 50mm poles. Outsize fitting kits for these mirrors are available from our Accessories page.

80cm standard mirrors come with brackets 75mm in diameter. Wall plates are also available for these mirrors.

All Superior mirrors come with both wall and pole mounting (60-90mm) kits as standard.

What if I need a pole for my mirror?

We have negotiated a special price from our favourite pole supplier The Metal Store.

Acrylic, Polycarbonate or Stainless Steel?

Convex mirrors have traditionally been made from glass or acrylic. In recent years these materials have largely been replaced by polycarbonate or stainless steel.

Acrylic mirrors are usually cheaper than polycarbonate or stainless steel mirrors. They are 100 times stronger than glass, have higher reflective qualities and are easy to clean. They are best used where they are unlikely to be vandalised.

Most of our mirror lenses are manufactured from polycarbonate, the industry standard, which is tougher than acrylic. They are ideal in situations where vandalised is likely.

The video below shows various mirrors being tested for their robustness. It demonstrates the difference between a polycarbonate mirror and other alternatives (labelled "X" and "Y"). The Vialux polycarbonate mirror under test is of the same type as those we sell on this web site.

Stainless steel is less frequently found but is favoured in areas where vandalism is a big problem or on industrial sites with high ambient temperatures. It is extremely robust but usually has a higher price.

Budget/Standard vs Superior/Deluxe?

Like most things in life you get what you pay for.

Budget or Standard mirrors while perfectly adequate will last around 5-10yrs. Superior or Deluxe mirrors should last 10-20yrs.

Still not sure?

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You might also find our Frequently Asked Questions page useful.

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