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Customer Feedback

I received the mirrors yesterday and my husband was very happy with the quality of the product. He had previously been quoted £200 for mirrors to do the same job. The delivery and communication elements of your service have been excellent and thought you could use my e-mail as a testimonial for other potential customers. I would recommend you gladly to anyone looking for great service and quality. (V. Gunathasan, Startford)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You might also like to visit our Choosing the right mirror page for more help in deciding which product best fits your needs.

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Q: Where can I buy your mirrors?

A: You can buy our full range online from this web site. You can also buy them in-store from Langbridge Home Hardware in Bath.

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Q: Why does my mirror looked dull/scratched?

A: When a mirror is delivered there may be a clear plastic film which protects the surface. Remove with care using a suitable (not too sharp!) instrument.

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Q: How do I clean my mirror?

A: Simply hose down with water, without rubbing.

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Q: How do I mount my convex mirror?

A: You can mount your mirror on a flat surface or attach it to a suitable pole. Please see individual product pages for details of which fixing kit(s) are included as with your mirror and which may be purchased separately if required.

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Q: What pole sizes can I use when mounting convex mirrors?

Our mirrors can be mounted on poles ranging from 50mm to 250mm in diameter, but different mirrors require different minimum pole sizes (e.g. larger mirrors need sturdier poles). Please see individual product pages for specific details.

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Q: Where can I get suitable pole for mounting convex mirrors?

If you need a pole, we have negotiated a special deal with The Metal Store to supply steel posts perfect for mounting our mirrors. Please see the The Metal Store web site for details.

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Q: I have my pole do I erect it?

A: Secure poles in concrete to a depth of at least 50cm. The mirrors should be attached at least 2.3m above the ground.

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Q: Acrylic, polycarbonate or stainless steel?

A: Convex mirrors have traditionally been made from glass or acrylic. In recent years these materials have largely been replaced by polycarbonate or stainless steel.

Acrylic mirrors are usually cheaper than polycarbonate or stainless steel mirrors. They are 100 times stronger than glass, have higher reflective qualities and are easy to clean. They are best used where they are unlikely to be vandalised.

Most of our mirror lenses are manufactured from polycarbonate, the industry standard, which is tougher than acrylic. How good are they? See one of our standard mirrors hit with a large hammer in our "Gorilla Test" video below. They are ideal in situations where vandalised is likely.

Stainless steel is less frequently found but is favoured in areas where vandalism is a big problem or on industrial sites with high ambient temperatures. It is extremely robust but usually has a higher price.

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Q: What is the difference between an outdoor and an indoor convex mirror?

A: Essentially there is no difference in the mirror but the mirror casing for outdoor mirrors is better designed for all-weather use.

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Q: What is "viewing distance" and how big a mirror do I need?

A: "Viewing distance" is not how far a mirror can see (which is to infinity), but simply the comfortable distance from which the mirror can be seen e.g. the viewing distance for a Standard 30cm mirror is 3m while for an Standard 80cm mirror it is 20m.

The bigger the mirror the further away the viewer can be from it. Effective viewing distances are listed in the specifications for each mirror.

Effective viewing distances
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Q: Can I place a mirror at a road junction so that I can see both left and right?

A: Though it is possible to mount one mirror facing you the view to left and right will be limited. We recommend that you purchase two mirrors and mount on one pole each angled slightly towards left and right to achieve maximum view.

Two 60cm convex mirrors mounted on a single pole
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Q: Why are your mirrors less expensive than others I have found on the internet?

A: We buy all of our mirrors directly from the manufacturer and pass on the price saving to our customers.

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Q: Many of your mirrors are made from polycarbonate. What is this?

A: Polycarbonate is a hi-tech, tough, shatterproof, virtually unbreakable thermoplastic polymer ideal for anti-vandal applications.

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Q: What is the difference between the "Budget or Standard" and "Superior or Deluxe" mirrors?

A: All of our mirrors are the absolute best quality we are able to obtain. However the old adage "you get what you pay for" is true.

Budget or Standard mirrors while perfectly adequate will last around 5-10yrs. Superior or Deluxe mirrors are tougher and should last 10-20yrs.

It's that simple!

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Q: Can a 3-way mirror really see three ways?

A: Yes! The 3-way mirrors have an extra deep angle of convexity (i.e. they are more curved) so that you are able to pick up more detail from the sides.

However we recommend that these should not be used at road junctions, where you want to see traffic from both directions very clearly. In this case you should opt for two mirrors on one pole, one pointing in each direction of the oncoming traffic.

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Q: Do I need permission to erect a convex-mirror?

A: On your own property or on a neighbour's with permission you DO NOT need permission.

On a Public Highway, or anywhere else that is not your property, you do need permission.

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Q: How long will delivery take?

A: We aim to deliver all orders within 1-2 working days from receipt of payment, but cannot guarantee this.

If you need your mirror urgently please contact us with your ordering details.

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Q: Can I collect my order in person?

A: No, unfortunately it is not possible to collect orders in person.

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Q: Will you install the mirrors for me?

A: We are able to offer on-site services to commercial customers, including the production of a recommended installation report and a full installation service. Please see our On-site services page for details.


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Q: I have other questions (e.g. about postage, delivery, returns, etc.). What should I do?

A: Many other questions are answered on our help page, but please feel free to contact us directly if you still need any information or advice.