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I received the mirrors yesterday and my husband was very happy with the quality of the product. He had previously been quoted £200 for mirrors to do the same job. The delivery and communication elements of your service have been excellent and thought you could use my e-mail as a testimonial for other potential customers. I would recommend you gladly to anyone looking for great service and quality. (V. Gunathasan, Startford)

Car blind spot circular convex mirrors (m-fxj005)

Our blind spot convex mirrors are an inexpensive safety tool suitable for any vehicle.

They are designed to fix easily (using the adhesive pads provided) to any wing/rear view mirror, allowing drivers to see the blind spot not normally visible with conventional wing mirrors. They are a vital safety tool which we believe should be fitted as standard to all cars, vans and trucks.

These mirrors can also be used on computers, in shops, or anywhere where it might be useful to see behind you without having to turn around.

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£5.42 + VAT (£6.50 inc VAT)

Product photos

Car blind spot circular convex mirrors (m-fxj005)
Car blind spot circular convex mirrors (m-fxj005)

Car blind spot circular convex mirror (m-fxj005) in situ
Mirror in situ